Whether you are looking for a potential brand name for your new Startup or for targeted demographic traffic from online media, Setia Media have you covered. Through our network of websites we can find you a catchy brand name, design your new branding or promote your product or service to tens of thousands of eyeballs via our network of websites or via partner sites.

Setia Media was formed in 2015 to commence creation of a Digital Media Network of websites built on domain names that the company already held in its possession. It was decided that the websites would span many different niches from food to beauty and fashion to travel in order to attract the widest audience and to use that targeted internet traffic to advertise upcoming and future products and services.

Situated in the ever expanding City of Cardiff, Setia Media is well placed to tap in to the city’s growing Tech infrastructure and tap into its large student base to find exceptional individuals who can make this company grow to its true potential and into a Worldwide dragon created in the “Home of Dragons” that is Wales.